A business feasibility report (not a marketing report). The feasibility study will analyse the business and decide whether the business would work based on the following guidelines.

  • Know how the business works and estimate the cashflow.

Using Tools: Business Journey Plan, Levers & Pedals, Cashflow

  • Have an overall view of the economy and use the 6-Step research methodology.


  • Understand and research the market domains and barriers to entry to seek out business opportunities.

Using Tool: CRIMSON BLADE, SMART, 7-domains

  • Being aware of direct and indirect competitors and market leaders; seeking out gaps in the business.


Using Tools: RAGS, DIL, PEAS

  • Identify market pains, market segmentation and user types.


Using Tools: 1MR, CWISAT

  • Perform a cash flow analysis for the business during operation.


Using Tools: Breakeven Analysis, Risk Analysis, Calibrator;

  1. Analyze and understand the key concepts around opportunity, entrepreneurial behaviour and the factors in the process of start-up and of survival.
  2. Identify ideas to create opportunities, national or international, thorough a feasibility analysis and evaluate using the relevant disciplines and frameworks.
  3. Recognize the tension between the creative (innovative) and measured elements (data analysis and evaluation) of a business opportunity and the disjunctive nature of learning this brings.
  4. Assess feasibility through relevant research techniques and research sources to create a macro and micro level analysis as the basics to develop a business plan or solve a business problem.
  5. Presents a professional written and ‘pitched’ feasibility report for the business opportunity with appropriate measures, as a basis for building a business plan for a new product in a following module; or as a suitable analytical framework to be applied to a business problem for analysis and potential solutions in following modules.


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