Module Code & Title: Philosophy of Management (MGT3033M)


Description of Assessment Task and Purpose:

Your task is to write a 2000 word essay (+/-10%). Essay Question:


Drawing on 3 key concepts discussed in the modules reading, critically discuss the value of philosophy for making sense of managerial practices

– Examine at least one example of contemporary organizational practice

–  Reflect on the impact of the module on your own professional development


Key concepts may include:

modernism, postmodernism, panopticon, docility,


Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1  Conceptualize management as a complex phenomenon, involving social, cultural and political dimensions as well as conditioned upon tacit philosophical assumptions.

LO2  Apply post-structural (and post-modern) theory in order to critically analyze management situations.

LO3  Take a position within debates around the value/legitimacy of post-structural (and post-modern) theory in management theory and practice.


Knowledge & Skills Assessed:


Subject Specific Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

– Understand different philosophies of work.

– Understand organizational values and their impact.

Professional Graduate Skills

– Able to identify barriers and overcome them.

– Able to consider the implications of decisions.


Emotional Intelligence

– Able to challenge and give constructive feedback.

– Able to undertake critical analysis.


Career-focused Skills

– Able to use influencing skills.

Able to work collaboratively both inside and outside the organisation


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