This research tries to examine effective ways human resource managers should adopt in order to create safe and healthy environment in the workplace.

Key research questions are:

  1. What practical strategies are used by organizations to promote employee’s health and well-being?
  2. Prevalence of lifestyle risk in organizations.
  3. What are the effects of non-compliance with safety, health and well-being policies in the organization?
  4. Are employees healthy in the working environment?
  5. How are the cases of health, safety and well-being addressed by HRM in the current organization setting?


What would be expected in the interview

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to meet with me for an interview about Strategies adopted by human resource managers to create and safe and healthy working environment. In particular, you will be asked questions about:

  1. Are the current human resource policies effectiveness in enhancing safe and healthy workplaces that promote good well-being?
  2. Responses about Impact of non-compliance to well-being in an organization
  3. Responses regarding whether employees are a source of competitive edge
  4. How has the organization created a safe and healthy working environment? Graph for tesco morrisons and walmat.
  5. How do organizations address incidents associated with unhealthy working environment or poor well-being? – for tesco morrisons and walmat (graph) if it affects performance or not.

What do you think of these? Is this good and appropriate?

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