This assignment covers the following lesson objectives:
1. Articulate how hardware, software, and service components integrate to form a network solution.
2. Develop a prototype Network System used in a small to medium business.
3. Demonstrate analytical skills in identifying and troubleshooting networking and security performance issues.
4. Compare tools used to test networks, specifically software applications/programs.
Assignment Overview
In this group project assignment, you will create a draft report building off of the group project outline.
This will serve as the second step for your group project.
• A 2- to 5-page document posted to Assignments.
• APA formatted
• Credible sources
Activity Details
Develop and submit a Draft Report for your group project “Designing a small business LAN/WAN network” (Group Project) (100 pts). The Draft Report is the second step of your Group Project and will be followed by a Final Draft and diagrams which support the design of an E-Commerce small business network. The network your group is tasked to design is for an E-Commerce Small Business (200 employees), with 100 drops, utilizing Cisco routers, switches, and hubs; in a two-story office building spanning 8000 square feet, with associated communication closet and server room. Include associated network printers, servers, desktops, WAPs, BAPs, and cabling components discussed in the first two lessons (There are two network simulation programs available: Cisco Packet Tracer and GNS3. Both are somewhat learning intensive, but they give you the ability to test, i.e., ping from one host to another.
This would allow for ‘testing’ of the networks but require a lot of network configuration knowledge).
• 2- to 5-pages
• APA formatted
• Title page with Running head
• Intro, body, conclusion
• References (minimum of 4. The use of your textbooks and 2 additional)
• 5 Network Centric Design topics
Top Down Network Design
Chapter 5
Business Data Networks and Security
Chapter 8 (pages 255-265)

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