A 5-page written paper on a topic in psychology. The paper will comprise 10% of the final grade. DUE DATE: 11/3/2019. No late papers will be accepted. Choose a topic from the textbook that is of interest to you. The more interesting the topic is for you, the easier it will be for you to write. Find at least 3-5 scholarly peer-reviewed articles on your topic. Read them carefully. You may not understand everything in the article, and that’s okay, but you should be able to get the main idea. For your paper, imagine that you are a psychologist researching your topic. Come up with an hypothesis and design an experiment to test your hypothesis. Write up your experiment as if you were submitting to a scholarly journal. Do not actually conduct your study, all results should be hypothetical. Include the following sections: Introduction- Background on your topic: definition and brief overview of research that has been done. What is your hypothesis? Clearly describe what your independent and dependent variables will be. Methods- How will you conduct your research? Include details. For example, how many research participants will you use and where will you recruit them from? Results- You are not actually going to conduct your experiment. Here you will report what you would expect to find if your experiment went the way you expected it to. Include at least one graph or table of expected results. Discussion- Sum up what you expected to find in your experiment. Tell me how this information might fit into, or expand upon, previous research that has been done on your topic. Something else to include in this section are potential confounds. Is there anything that you can think of that might interfere with your results? References- In this section list the reference articles that you used (at least 3-5) and be sure to use APA style.

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