Follow instructions including the attached instructions.

You will write a 4+ full page analysis essay that exams the arguments, main claims and themes of the following articles: “The Allegory of the Cave” and “New Superstitions for Old.” The essay should be entirely your opinion and should accomplish one of the following:

Compare and contrast the articles by examining the main claims (most important pieces of evidence) and determine which article makes the strongest argument on a common theme and why. This must be a thorough look at the main claims/evidence. Each body paragraph should contain at least one main claim or piece of evidence from each article for analysis.
Construct your own argument on the shared theme of these articles. Your essay should put your own twist on the importance of abandoning old traditions or leaving your own personal (or community) cave in order to grow as a human being. Your argument should be supported by what you believe to be the strongest, most illuminating claims (pieces of evidence) from each article.
Your essay should follow the paragraph-by-paragraph guidelines provided below. How well you accomplish the tasks below will determine your grade.

***Be aware that if you do not make the full-page requirement you cannot receive higher than a C for the essay.

only use the articles for sources.

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