1)In many of the readings assigned thus far in the course the factors shaping transnational crime and its relation to national security have been discussed. Identify at least four (4) of these factors and present how each contributes to i) the proliferation of transnational crime and ii) how it relates to national security. Which one(s) do you think is/are the strongest contributor? Give evidence and rationale to support your claim?
2) There has been considerable mention in the assigned readings about the role of globalization in the growth of transnational crime. Explain i) what exactly globalization is, and ii) how it relates to transnational crime. Explain whether transnational crime would exist without globalization.
3)There are different views in terms of the challenges faced by governments in trying to respond to transnational crime. In chapter 11 Naim, suggests that the asymmetrical nature of too rigid government and the dynamic fluidity of transnational market players is the culprit. In readings by Glenny, it is suggested that transnational crime flourishes because of the inherent interdependence of governments, law enforcement agencies, and citizens with the transnational crime enterprise.
a.Compare and contrast the available evidence for both the ‘asymmetrical thesis’ and the ‘dependency thesis.’ Which do you think is most valid? Why?
b.Construct a table that identifies i) what each thesis states, ii) the strengths of each perspective, iii) the weaknesses or limitations of each thesis, and iv) the implications of each for approaches to prevention.

4)Taking into account what we have learned this far in the course concerning the underlying forces that are shaping transnational crime, some of the responses, and the relationship between globalization, transnational crime and national security; present a model for what might be done nationally and internationally to prevent the proliferation of transnational crime markets and the harms that they produce? Construct a diagram or a table which succinctly presents your model of prevention.

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