Module 1 – Case


Assignment Overview
The Module 1 Case requires that you complete the Leadership Traits Questionnaire (LTQ), and use the results of the LTQ to formulate your personal leadership traits.
Case Assignment
You will find the LTQ at the link below:
Complete the LTQ, and request that a minimum of three (and maximum of five) individuals who know you well complete the LTQ on your behalf. Follow the instructions at the end of the survey scale, noting the following:
1. The items on which you scored highest and lowest.
2. The items for which there were notable differences between your self-ratings and the average of others’ ratings.
Assignment Expectations
After you have taken the LTQ, please respond to the following requirements in a well-written, 4- to 5-page paper (not counting the title page or reference section):
1. Discuss your scores on the LTQ, detailing what surprised you about the results, as well as what did not surprise you.
2. Compare the scores you received from your peers to the scores you received based on your own LTQ answers. What was most different? What was similar?
3. Write a 5-step action plan for improving your leadership skills based on the feedback you received from your LTQ as well as the scores you received from others.

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