NUR265 Formal Care Plan Pathophysiology Paper


Project Introduction

Nursing care across the generations differs depending on the age and developmental stage of your patient. Developmental stages dictate what is appropriate regardless of the disease. No 2 patients are alike for example: an adult with pneumonia or renal failure will require different interventions than a 9 month old baby. The interventions often are also caregiver specific. Ask yourself, “who is going to take care of this patient after discharge, what is the caregiver level of education, development” What you teach a college educated parent/caregiver is vastly different from what you are going to teach a 65yr. old who has an high school grade education.


The purpose of the paper is to identify the disease process, with pathophysiology, risk factors, outcomes and developmentally age appropriate teaching for the patient /family or caregiver. Your paper must also identify the 4 priority nursing diagnosis’ for your specific patient. No abstract is required for this paper.


  1. Complete the Tutorials and their corresponding quiz on the Library Research page on D2L labeled NUR265 prior to writing your paper.
  2. Choose a patient from your first 5 weeks of clinical experience on your unit. This must be a patient you provide direct care for during the clinical day.
  3. Notify your clinical instructor and Ms. Hood of your patient choice

Identify Resources:

Locate 3 professional nursing journal articles.

  • Peer reviewed Nursing Journal Article
  • Published/written within last 5 years
  • See the library web page at
  • Text book may be used as a 4th reference only

Paper Content:  Please refer to the points rubric.

Your paper should be written according to the following order:

  1. Disease pathophysiology/etiology of the condition or disease
  2. Risk factors that include environmental and developmental
  3. 4 Nursing diagnoses with developmentally age appropriate interventions according to priority.
  4. Prognosis and outcomes
  5. Identify appropriate teaching points for the patient and why they are beneficial

 Paper Technical Criteria:

  • APA format.
  • New Times Roman
  • 12 point font
  • Double spaced
  • Title Page w/ running head
  • Reference pg.
  • Formatted headings
  • In text citations
  • 5 pages maximum of content excluding the title page and reference pages.

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