This week’s readings outline the ongoing evolution of federal-level American Administrative Law. Select any one of the 430 federal departments, agencies, or sub-agencies listed in the Index provided in this week’s resources. Once you have selected a specific federal department or agency that interests you for further study, review the history of that particular organization.

Prepare a written evaluation of the following:

Conduct research to determine when the agency was established and its original purpose, and how the organization’s primary role(s) has changed over time in terms of overall operational scope, number of assigned personnel, and annual operating budget increases to the responsibilities it performs today.
Identify the organization’s current senior leaders (secretary and undersecretary if a cabinet-level department or the director and deputy director if an agency).
Offer a critical assessment of a high profile or controversial administrative policy/procedure this agency has been responsible for supporting over the past 3 to 5 years.
Develop a brief summary of the particulars of this specific issue/policy and the degree of implementation discretion (if any) that existed. Then, explain how the situation was ultimately resolved (or the current status of this

particular policy/procedure if litigation and/or legislative action is still pending).

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