Instructions – Early Childhood Activity

Length of project – 5 pages

References – at least 2 per page (min 8 references), formatted according to APA guidelines

  1. Four sections by age group (one page each) —infant, toddler, preschool, and primary. Address the following having one page for each group:
  • Create a comprehensive list of the typical language and literacy milestones that occur in each age group. Be sure to include language, reading, and writing as appropriate.
  • Include one developmentally appropriate language and literacy lesson plan for each age group. Lesson plans must include:


  • Topic
  • Lesson objectives
  • Grade level
  • Lesson steps
  • An activity with a parent or caregiver at-home extension
  • Assessment tool
  • Modifications/differentiation strategies for English language learners


  • Include a rubric for the primary age lesson plan.


Write a one-page introduction to the assignment that answers the following questions:


  1. What is the purpose of this booklet?
  2. How can this booklet be used at home?
  3. How might it support the various learning levels within a classroom?
  4. How students, parents, and teachers will benefit from this information?

Description of assignment:

Page 1 – Infant age group page

Page 2 – Toddler age group page

Page 3 Preschool age group page

Page 4 – Primary age group page

Page 5 – Introduction page including the answers to the questions above

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