Module Title: Children’s Voice Assignment format: Report
Assignment Word Count : 3500 words
Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assignment
1: Review current status of the child’s voice in policy and practice.

2: Consider the challenges of engagement with children and young people in a professional context.

3: Provide a critical analysis of theoretical approaches which may support engagement.

4: Critically appraise strategies that may support participation, voice and agency of children.
ASSIGNMENT TASK: A 3,500-word online report entitled ‘Listening to children’ that launches the beginnings of a social media campaign. In order to achieve this, you will need to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the challenges in securing key stakeholder’s engagement. In presenting your argument, you will be expected to:

• Critically analyze the concept of children’s voice within a political and social context.

• You will need to consider what the challenges of active engagement might be for some children within professional practice.

• You will be required to demonstrate your ability to synthesize concepts and theories to support your arguments.
• Finally, developing strategies to promote participation, voice and agency of children.
• Format:

• Report of 3,500 words that analyses the concept of children’s voice in practice • Please ensure you fully utilize contemporary reading material in order to enhance knowledge and critical understanding of the key concepts related to listening to children. • Referencing should support writing as expected at level 6.

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