Individual Academic essay on Deliveroo case study

Contemporary Employment Relations: Final Assignment Question

Assignment 2 is an individual essay based on a U.K. case study which considers employment rights and responsibilities within an international context. It is designed to meet Module Learning Outcomes 2-5, and students should address these learning outcomes when attempting to answer the question.
2: Understand and apply contemporary labour market trends and data specifically examining exploitative relationships.
3: Understand the main sources of employment relations legislation and developments in alternative dispute resolution.
4: Understand and critically evaluate the role of the parties that affect the management of employment relationships.
5: Understand and evaluate contemporary developments in employee voice.

You must answer the following question:
Critically evaluate the approach taken by Deliveroo and the riders in the below case with specific reference to employment status / precarious employment, and include specific evaluations of employee voice, collective representation and recognition. Your answer should additionally situate the case study within international trends, stakeholders and sources of employment relations legislation and dispute resolution.

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