Link to Module Learning Outcomes
1. Understand and evaluate the different approaches to the study of leadership.
2. Define, explain and illustrate principles of effective leadership and the management of change, negotiation and conflict resolution and the role of organizational power.
3. Understand the major ethical, social pressures and challenges facing leaders today.
4. Apply a leadership framework to case studies and real-world situations.
Assessment Procedure
The essay will be made available to on Canvas from Week 3. An Essay Support week is included;
One-to-one appointments will be available in workshop time and throughout the week as indicated on Canvas, to support students essay writing. The essay must be uploaded to Turnitin by the due date indicated on Canvas.
The essay is designed to allow students to select an area of leadership that interests them and
apply it to a contemporary business organization.
I have picked eat central at sussex university heres a link that has information about it and you could do your own research on it if you needed to

Assessment Criteria
80-100High Distinction
A mark in this range is indicative of outstanding work. Marks in this range will be awarded for work that exhibits all the attributes of excellent work but has very substantial elements of originality and flair. For quantitative assessments, marks in this range will not be given simply for providing the right answers; in addition, the answer should provide a coherent ‘mathematical argument.
A mark in this range is indicative that the work is of an excellent standard for the current level of the degree course. The work will exhibit excellent levels of knowledge and understanding comprising all the qualities of good work stated above, with additional elements of originality and flair. The work will demonstrate a range of critical reading that goes well beyond that provided on reading lists. Answers or written works will be fluently-written and include independent argument that demonstrates an awareness of the nuances and assumptions of the question or title. Written works will make excellent use of appropriate, fully referenced, detailed examples.
A mark in this range is indicative of that the work is of a good to very good standard for the current level of your degree. Work of this quality shows a good level of knowledge and understanding of relevant course material. It will show evidence of reading a wide diversity of material and of being able to use ideas gleaned from this reading to support and develop arguments. Written work will exhibit good writing skills with well organized, accurate footnotes and/or a bibliography that follows the accepted ‘style’ of the subject. Arguments and issues will be illustrated by reference to well documented, detailed and relevant examples. There should be clear evidence of critical engagement with the objects, issues or topics being analyzed. Any quantitative work will be clearly presented, the results should be correct and any conclusions clearly and accurately expressed.
Additionally i uploaded an extra document such as the marking scheme so you could have a clear idea of whats expected of me.

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