ASSESSMENT 1 – Research Proposal

Equivalent to 1600 words

A research proposal document explains the intent and purpose of a research proposal while describing the techniques and methods of conducting research. It usually requires an executive summary, background context, problem definition, methodology, secondary data analysis, timeline, budget and appendices. PLEASE NOTE: BUDGET IS NO LONGER EXPECTED FOR THIS PROJECT

Each student will prepare a formal proposal for their chosen research project.

Workshops and tutorials provide opportunities to develop trial and edit proposal content.

No further primary research is required, other than piloting scripts and question papers, interview, focus groups etc. Students are expected to pilot their drafts with other students in seminars.  Peer feedback is to be included as a part of reflective learning in the final proposal (as an appendix).

Feedback: Each member of the group receives their own electronic copy of the feedback and grade via Turnitin.

Learning Outcomes –

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of, evaluate and apply current primary and secondary research techniques appropriately; and
  2. Apply information technology to data analysis and the presentation of research findings.

Please see the marking criteria on Blackboard.


Background information and context. Introduce your research topic (aim). Provide a rationale for the study. List 4-5 research objectives.

Literature Review

Information about what has been written in the literature about the subject matter.


Information about your data collectioN (your sample size, methods – rationale why. chosen, limitations, timeline and ethics)


How would you analyse the data – including important information gathered during piloting.



          How could this study be improved or changed?


List of all sources used, both those quoted directly and those indirectly. Harvard Reference Style.


Copy of the questionnaire

Copy of the interview schedule

Feedback from pilot

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