Critical assignments have a word limit and penalties apply if this is exceeded.
Critical assignments should mainly be written in the third person, with the use of first person for more reflective sections of the assignment. When addressing this assignment, you need to ensure that you demonstrate the following Module Learning Outcomes:
Systematic understanding of the theories and debates relating to team based working, team effectiveness and the development of effective team climates.
Analyze and critique the evidence relating to effective team working and quality of patient care
Apply theories and methods that develop an effective team climate.
Apply theories and methods of reflective practice.
In writing this assignment, you should consider the learning that you have undertaken throughout this module and include examples from your work where appropriate. This should include references to team based working and may include team identity, team objectives, role clarity, team decision making, effective communication, inter-team working and other areas you deem relevant.
When offering ideas and concepts, you must support these by drawing on relevant evidence, that is theories, concepts and models from the literature. Core texts and further readings have been provided in this module, but you will need to look beyond these, and can do so via electronic library facilities. Your writing must show evidence of critical analysis and should have some application to the workplace where appropriate to demonstrate synthesis of knowledge and its application to practice. Learning and reflection should be aligned to the learning outcomes you need to demonstrate in this assignment and should include examples from your work where appropriate. Critically reflect on your leadership thinking and practice and how these impact on your team and the golden threads (patient experience, care quality and equality and diversity). Two golden threads should be picked up in the assignment, the two golden threads are:-

Demonstrate how I and my team remain constantly in tune with how the quality of care provided to patients matches what we would want for the people we love most and

Demonstrate the way in which I and my team understand equality and diversity and implement this proactively in our leadership in healthcare.

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