Department of Criminology

Factual knowledge and excellent grasp of subject.  Very good theoretical understanding. With continuous reference to Criminological theory. Any of the following theories:


Rational Choice theory. Social learning theory. Deterrence theory. &/or any other relevant theories.

A detailed and very good critical assessment of evidence drawn from an extensive range of academic sources.
Good demonstration of analytical and critical evaluation skills.  Very successfully addresses strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and counter-arguments.
An engaging, articulate and objective style is used.  Spelling and grammar are correct throughout.  The work is very well-structured and signposted.
Quoted / paraphrased material is convincingly utilized.

All sources are accurately referenced both in-text and end-text.

When we mark assessed work we expect you to:

Knowledge:  Demonstrate relevant detailed knowledge and conceptual understanding of relevant theories, points, and topics, the ability to solve problems and devise and sustain arguments.

Evidence:  Access the academic source material and use this in your studies and assignments.  We expect you to use a minimum of 12 academic sources for a 2000-word assignment.  The academic source material should reflect the level of study.

Analysis:  Demonstrate that you can evaluate and think critically about relevant issues.

Presentation:  Fully proof-read and check all work prior to submission.  Use a formal style of communication that is well-structured, fluent and objective. Ensure each paragraph is introduced clear and efficient. ALWAYS CHECK BACK TO ENSURE THE GIVEN TOPIC/QUESTION IS BEING ANSWERED/FULFILLED.

Referencing: HARVARD Reference consistently and correctly.







The meanings of violence – by Elizabeth Anne Stanko 2003. Available online

Violence & Society – By Larry J.Ray 2018. Available online

Handbook of sexual violence – By Jennifer Brown’ Sandra Walklate 2011. Available online

Introduction for 2000-word essay:

Sexual violence is the broad term used to describe any form of unwanted or forced sexual acts or activity imposed on to another being (What is Sexual Violence, 2019). Sexual violence is broken down into various categories in order to distinguish the different types of victims. Sexual violence is not to be confused with sexual assault as not all types of assault is violent. This essay will be critically evaluating the explanations and causes of sexual violence along with an evaluative explanation on how to prevent this form of violence with reference to theoretical thesis throughout.

The structure of this essay will begin with an analysis of the given definition of sexual violence and how it can be interpreted in different meanings dependent on the circumstance. Following from this will be a section of the essay dedicated to evaluating the causes of such type of violence and how sexual violence can be prevented. This essay will conclude


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