Task 15

White Collar Crimes

Examine the following references and videos:

◦Introduction to the American Legal System (Chapter 4)

◦Puerto Rico Penal Code

◦Steven Louth, White collar crime -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHTQ3TCQUoU

◦The Business of White Collar Crime -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEoYxQgYT2w

-Enumerate and describe on your words four (4) white collar crimes that are recognized by both the PR Penal Code and USA or Europe

-Describe a scenario of a white collar crime, as described in the PR Penal Code or a USA Federal Act that may occur in Business.

-Is there any relation between White Collar Crimes and Occupy Wall Street demonstrations?

Task 16

Cyber Security and Cyber Crime

  1. Are there any type of Cyber Crimes?

(Justify your position and give examples.)

  1. Is business exposed to the threat of cyber crime or cyber criminals that may fall within the following:

◦Computers, servers, and/or network infrastructure?

◦Computing services and/o mobile technologies?

◦Information and/or Telecommunication technologies?

(Justify your position and give examples)

  1. Which are the key factors that make it difficult to investigate and prosecute crimes associated to technologies?

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