Create electronic presentations

Question 1

Why is it necessary to have a working knowledge of the legislation involved in business?

Question 2

How can you add content presentation from outline view?

Question 3

How should you decide a slide’s content?

Question 4

What impact can the colours used in a presentation have on an audience?

Question 5

Why should you avoid including too many different features in a PowerPoint presentation?

ASSESSMENT 2: Case Study


Read the case and respond to all the assessment questions. You can provide your answers under each question.

As an administrative assistant working for ABC Company, you are frequently required to prepare documents and manage files for Customer Service Manager (your trainer) in a way that complies with organizational requirements.

Your manager requires you to prepare a number of documents, one of them being a brochure for new office supplies store in Queensland. You have been provided with office supplies information texts below and the relevant organization documents, eg Ergonomics procedures, Sustainability environmental policy and WHS policy.

You also required to use specific and direct language, and listening and questioning techniques to clarify the assessment requirement with your trainer.



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Undertake the following tasks and respond to the questions as required.

  1. Use Microsoft Publisher to create a two-page brochure for ABC Office Supplies using the information provided above. Your brochure must include the following features:
  • Company name, logo, address, phone number, fax number, email address and web address
  • Use of styles for headings and text – you must format the text so it is clear, attractive and professional
  • A footer on each page that includes the company name and the page number and number of pages
  • Section breaks and at least 2 different numbers of columns in the document (for example, one column in one section and 2 columns in another section)
  • Graphics to show the office equipment and supplies that are available – you do not have to include a picture for every office equipment and supplies category, but there must be at least 6 graphics in your document
  • Proofread and make necessary changes according to assessor’s feedback
  • State the audience of the brochure and the purpose
  • Describe how you structured the brochure to use the space effectively.
  • Describe the design aspects of your brochure; for example, white space, graphics and page design. Give at least 3 examples of how you have effectively applied these design aspects in the brochure.
  • Give 2 examples of your effective use of design elements in creating the brochure.
  • Give examples of at least 2 automatic software functions that you used to ensure consistency throughout the brochure.
  • Write a list of tasks that need to be completed to produce the brochure.
  • Give 2 examples of advanced software functions you used in producing the brochure.
  • Provide at least one draft of the document that displays your user of editing marks for proofreading and editing the brochure.

Save the draft document as Draft brochure <your name>

Save the final document as Final brochure <your name>

  • Give one example of how you overcome a problem using Word when creating the brochure. You may have used manuals, the Help function, the internet or other to assist you.
  • Explain the strategies you used when creating or storing the documents to minimize the risk of data loss.
  • Store the document in an appropriate way. Explain how you have done this.
  1. You are responsible for ensuring that you take appropriate breaks from word processing and other data entry task. How often should you take a break from these types of tasks during the working day? Refer to the ergonomics procedures and WHS policy.
  2. A work colleague is experiencing continued wrist pain when she is word processing. Review the ergonomics procedures to determine what actions should be taken to address this WHS issue.
  3. Outline the work practices you could use to conserve paper and energy in the workplace.
  4. Us Microsoft Word to create a letter template and save the template as Letter template <your name> and keep in mind the following:
  • Use the company logo
  • A4 paper is used for printing all letters
  • Avoid too much blank space at the top and bottom of documents or at the sides. The printer will not print any information that is within 1 cm of the left and right edges of the page or within 0.75 cm of the top and bottom edges
  1. Using the document based on your new letter template, produce the following mail merge
  • Refer to the letter contents below
Dear <First Name>,

We are writing to remind you that you currently have an outstanding account with our company. Our monthly review of clients’ account balances shows that you owe $<Amount Owed>. This payment was due on <Date Due>. We would appreciate it if you could settle this account as soon as possible.

We would also like to remind you that we do offer discounts for prompt payment of accounts at the following rates:

·         Payment within three working days 7.5%

·         Payment within seven working days 5%

·         Payment within 14 working days 2%

We are confident that your current overdue balance is just an oversight and look forward to receiving payment within the next five working days.

Should you wish to query this account or discuss this matter with our Accounts Department, please contact us during our business hours, which are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

If you have paid this account in the last couple of days, please disregard this letter.


<Your Name>

Accounts Department

ABC Company


  • Refer to the recipient data below:
First name Surname Amount owed $ Due date Postal address City State postcode
Andy Parsons 120 11 Feb PO Box 1 Brisbane QLD 4000
Mark Smith 240 13 Feb PO Box 2 Brisbane QLD 4000
Marry Carter 360 16 Feb PO Box 3 Brisbane QLD 4000


  • Ensure you include the data and recipient’s details in the appropriate places on the letter
  • Save the merged letters as Merged letters <your name> and save the document
  1. Use another software instead of Microsoft Word to create a table for this next task. After you complete this task, paste your final table under this question.
  • Create a table using the information below:
Suppliers Office World Technology Express


Printers Electro PNC1244 laser printer

Price $299.00

Warranty 12 months

Toner refill price $55.00

Colour Yes

Printer speed 14 ppm

Resolution 600 dpi

Paper tray capacity 250 sheets

Dimensions 370W x 251D x 215 H mm

Weight 5300 g


Lockwood ENZ200 laser printer

Price $386.00

Warranty 12 months

Toner refill price $52.00

Colour No

Printer speed 21 ppm

Resolution 2400 dpi

Paper tray capacity 175 sheets

Dimensions 371 W x 361D x 165H mm

Weight 6500 g


  • Add an additional row to the table between ‘Paper tray capacity’ and ‘Dimensions’ called ‘Wifi connectivity’. Data to be added for the two printers (from left to right) is Yes and No.
  • Add an additional column to the table to enter below information about another printer
Suppliers Office World Technology Express


Printers Star duo laser printer

Price $350.00

Warranty 12 month

Toner refill price $48.00

Colour Yes

Printer speed 14 ppm

Resolution 1200 dp

Paper tray capacity 100 sheets

WiFi connectivity No

Dimensions 380W x 261D x 220 H mm

Weight 5800 g


  1. An ergonomist reviews your work colleague’s workstation and her work habits and believes the wrist pain can be avoided by adopting a better posture and by doing specific arm and wrist exercises. Your colleague does this for a while and the wrist problem begins to re-emerge because she is not doing the exercises as often as required. Our colleague decides she needs an ergonomic keyboard to help deal with the issue, but is not getting support from her supervisor to purchase one. Examine the WHS policy, the ergonomics procedures, the WHS regulations and the Hazardous manual tasks code of practice and advise your colleague of what her responsibilities as a worker are on this matter. (also refer to ‘hazardous manual tasks code of practice’ and ‘model work health and safety regulations’ at
  2. Write a memo, design ABC company’s letterhead, advising your manager (trainer) of an upcoming meeting to discuss when to do your presentation to show your brochure which you have designed. Consider what would you do to ensure the memo would go into the intended recipients. You need to check make sure your memo for suitability of tone for audience, purpose, format and communication style. Also check for readability, grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence and parashah construction.


  1. Create a presentation on introducing ABC Company’s office supply services using Microsoft PowerPoint for the company. Submit the presentation and associated handouts. Make sure you cover:
  • Identify audience of the document and choose the right communication style
  • Identify purpose of the document (introduce this in the beginning)
  • ABC Company’s presentation requirements are:
  • One heading per slide
  • All headings to be Arial and all text to be Times New Roman
  • All headings to be bold and in font size 24
  • All text to be in font size 16
  • Use square bullet points
  • Logo on each page
  • Insert page number
  • Ask assessor to proofread your design. Gather feedback and change according to the feedback
Yes/ No with comments Items
  It is a formal style and explained the purpose of the document


  Design slides, notes and handout masters to incorporate organisational and task requirements in relation to image and preferred style, avoiding distractions; for example, style used like logo and colour
  Use software functions for consistency of design and layout, to meet identified presentation requirements
  Balance presentation features for visual impact and emphasis, consistency of design; no distractions, for example too many fonts, too many words
  Consistent transition or differing between slides
  Prepare presentations within designated time lines
  Check presentation for spelling, consistency in presentation features and style, in accordance with task requirements
  Print presentation materials and save as pdf file
  Store presentation and exit the application without information loss or damage
  Listen to audience’s questions and discuss to exchange information



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