HIST 1301

The multiple-choice questions as well as the essay question will require you to be familiar with the following terms. As you are studying, make sure you can answer the four W’s—Who, What, When, and Where—for each term. The most important question to address is WHY is this term historically significant. In other words, why are we studying this particular term, and why should people remember it?

Tecumseh                                The Louisiana Purchase          Marbury v. Madison

Dolley Madison                         Treaty of Ghent                        Ideology of Separate Spheres    Andrew Jackson            The Monroe Doctrine               The Liberator                           Grimké Sisters                          Indian Removal Act of 1830     The Declaration of Sentiments  Lowell Mill Girls                      The Oregon Trail                 The Mexican-American War

Free Labor Ideology                 Feme Covert                            The “Know-Nothings”              Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854   John Brown                              Bleeding Kansas

The Brooks-Sumner Affair        Popular Sovereignty                 Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The Dred Scott Decision           Abraham Lincoln                     Fort Sumter

A Slaveocracy                          Jefferson Davis                        Southern Regional Advantages   Northern Regional Advantages  Robert E. Lee                              Ulysses S. Grant

“King Cotton Diplomacy”         Emancipation Proclamation       1863 Bread Riot

1863 NYC Draft Riot                Sherman’s “March to the Sea”    April 9, 1865

Civil War Medicine                  Juneteenth                                Thirteenth Amendment

Radical Republicans                 Fifteenth Amendment               Compromise of 1877


In-Class Essay: Your essay should be five to nine paragraphs long and should rely on specific historical evidence. You must include an introduction, defined body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The excellent essay will contain an original thesis statement. You will be graded on your ability to synthesize the information presented in lecture and the textbook. Make sure to answer all parts of the question.

Road to the Civil War: Describe the key events between 1840 and 1860 that led to the eruption of the Civil War. Make sure to include specific examples of cultural, political, territorial, and economic tensions on the eve of the Civil War. Was the Civil War inevitable? What key differences between northern and southern societies made the act of compromising increasingly difficult?  Then consider the Civil War itself. What advantages did each region possess at the outbreak of the War? What key events led to Union victory? In what ways did the War transform the nation? In what ways was it an “unfinished revolution”?

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