Write 1,750-2,000 word paper. Research indicates the most effective and productive configuration for collaborative work is extended blocks of time scheduled within the school day. However, teachers do not like to take time away from their classrooms or other responsibilities. This seems to create a scheduling issue and obstacle to collaboration. In your paper, do the following:

Make a convincing argument that sufficient collaboration time can be consistently available to teachers without impinging on their classroom time or other responsibilities.
Discuss the budget constraints placed on collaborative decision-making.
Use the information from your readings, your personal experience, and personal observations as evidence to support your argument.
Locate at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and provide at least one citation from each source as an in-text citation within your paper.
Write an abstract of one scholarly research source you used to write the paper. Clearly identify the abstract as a separate section of the paper entitled “Literature Abstract.” Use the following guidelines to write the abstract:

Introduction (50 words): briefly describe the purpose, intent, and scope of the study, including the statement of the problem, hypotheses or research questions, and key concepts.
Methodology (100 words): describe the research design, population sample, data collection procedure, and other procedures used in the study.
Results (100 words): briefly describe the data collected and the findings of the study, including the interpretation and implications of the study.
Conclusion (50 words): briefly critique the presentation of the study, including the researcher’s credentials. Provide a summary assessment of the study.

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