Strategic Recommendations (115 points)
In developing this assignment, you have an opportunity to synthesize and apply the concepts, principles, and theories. You will be writing a paper in response to the following hypothetical situation. Scenario: You work in strategy planning for a KSA organization. You’ve been in the organization in a variety of roles for five years. Recently, the senior leadership team determined that your organization needs an effective strategy planning process for international growth, and you’ve gladly stepped into a role to help determine what strategic planning process is needed to assist with becoming a multinational organization. You’ve been asked by the senior management team to present specific strategic planning recommendations to help the senior management team better understand the concepts and principles of a well-designed multinational strategy planning process. Your recommendations will include a strategy planning process specific for your organization and industry designed for multinational growth.

Instructions: Your well-written paper should include the following elements and meet the following requirements: ? The type of hypothetical organization and industry is up to you. Describe your hypothetical organization in terms of its industry, type (private or public sector), structure and systems, and products or services provided. Identify the major areas of change that influence this industry and the changes needed for the international context. How important are ethical and cultural relationships when implementing organizational change in Saudi Arabia and in the new country? ? Present the strategy concepts, theories, and principles that you believe are most important for the senior executive leadership team to understand. If there are contradicting opinions from strategy experts, you may want to present both sides objectively. What management issues may result from managing this type of growth strategy? ? Consider the variety of strategic planning approaches that you have learned during this course and identify the strategy planning methods that will work best as your hypothetical organization becomes international. Make sure to consider analysis, formulation and implementation methods. For each strategy planning method, include a clear and understandable title along with a brief description of one or two sentences to share your understanding. Then explain the benefits and value of each method specific to your organization. ? Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements: ? Be 9 to 10 pages in length, which does not include the required title and reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements. ? Use APA style guidelines. ? Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and (at least should use three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles) .

My essay will be graded according this following please meet the following requirements: – include all of the required components, as specified in the assignment. – Content should demonstrate substantial and extensive knowledge of the Case Study with no errors or major omissions – Analysis should Provide strong thought, insight, and analysis of concepts and applications. – Sources should go above and beyond required criteria and are well chosen to provide effective substance and perspectives on the issue under examination – Essay should be clearly organized, well written, and in proper format as outlined in the assignment. Demonstrates strong sentence and paragraph structure, contains no errors in grammar, spelling, APA style, or APA citations and references. make sure no plagiarism

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