Global Marketing Individual Report

In this report you will have the experience of developing a global marketing strategy for a British company planning entry into one of the BRIC/Mint countries. You will be required to develop a project proposal for the company. You will select a specific product/brand and assume that you are the marketing management team for that product/brand. Your product/brand should NOT be marketed in that country yet.

You can choose from the following industries:




Luxury goods


It is advisable to briefly gather information/research the target country (in terms of PESTLE factors) before you decide. The final report should contain:

  • An introduction
  • Brief product/service/brand information / background
  • Chosen Market and Competitor analysis (within chosen market)
  • Social (cultural factors) and economic analysis
  • Marketing strategy (STP)
  • Marketing plan (students are expected to use 4p’s )
  • Conclusions & Recommendations

You will have the opportunity to obtain feedback on your draft report before final submission in week 11; this will be during seminar time. (See assessment criteria below for further guidance).

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  • LO1 Determine the types of information required for effective global decision-making.
  • LO2 Identify the key socio-cultural factors and the nature of their impact on global marketing
  • LO3 Evaluate the opposing arguments for standardizing or adapting the elements of the marketing mix in different markets/countries.
  • LO4 Determine specific marketing activities based upon knowledge of the key characteristics of the target audience.
  • LO5 Select, integrate and justify appropriate promotional mixes to meet the needs of the marketing communication strategies.
  • LO6 Be aware of the impact and contribution information technology makes to global marketing, and can be appreciative of and sensitive to issues associated with cross-border marketing communications.

Structure of report


Title page

Table of contents

Executive summary ( summary of all key parts of your reports: aim, market analysis, environmental analysis, market entry strategy, STP, 4Ps)

Introduction ( overview of the chosen company, key ranges of products/ services they sell; key performance indicators eg. Annual reports – financial performance and other achievements; business objectives, mission, vision, market share; present the purpose and structure of the report) – company’s website, annual reports, industry reports eg. Mintel.

Market and competitors analysis ( conditions on the new market, trends, key players and size/ market share, performance of competitors) – industry reports eg. Mintel, MarketLine, Euromonitor. IbisWorld etc.; competitors’ websites ( could use Porter’s 5 forces, however only outline key elements in main body of text)

Environmental analysis external and internal (PEST/ PESTEL/STEEPLE and SWOT) in the main body of the text outline only a few key internal and external factors. Can use the appendix for extended analysis and tables – external : news, specialised magazines, industry reports, case studies, country reports; internal : company’s website and annual reports, case studies.

Market entry strategy and Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

  • Identify and discuss the chosen market entry strategy ( eg. Exporting, contract manufacturing, licensing, franchising, joint ventures, mergers etc.) – comparison, contrasting, critiquing – books, journal articles, specialist publications eg. Magazines such as Marketing Week
  • STP ( identifying a target audience and discussing what segmentation basis have been used here to choose the target audience) – positioning – linked to competitors ( eg. positioning map) – compare their home positioning, international and new market positioning – books, journal articles; specialist publications/ case studies.

Marketing mix plan and implementation

  • Develop a plan using the 4Ps model on how to adapt/ standardize strategies for the new market – books, journal articles – search for journal articles based on keywords linked to each P of the marketing mix and the industry you have chosen.

Conclusions/ Recommendations

Summarise key ideas emerging from your report.

Key recommendations based on issues identified In the analysis of the report.



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