Your research will surround the event below.

You should be familiar with some events that shaped Western Expansion in the United States and the Antebellum South. For this assignment:

1. You will discuss how the invention of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, invented in 1793, prompted a change in national philosophies or ideals.

2. Take into consideration how the nation’s views had evolved to the point of this event.

3. Reflect on the change in American life before and after the event you chose and how the lives of the people around before and after the event were impacted.

4. Ensure you emphasize the qualities, ideals, and philosophies and make sure to support the facts that you present.
Your final assignment should include a title page, a minimum of two pages of content, and a reference page. As you are writing, be sure to keep the following in mind:

• The introduction should engage the reader and clearly present a summary of the main points that clarify your point of view.
• The introduction should also include a thesis statement.
• The quality of your writing should demonstrate critical thinking.
• Organization should clearly present points arranged to illustrate your opening points.
• Writing should be clear and concise with no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.
• APA formatting guidelines should be used for this assignment.

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