Devise a title for the Review (this may be the same title you identified in Assignment 1), followed by – ‘a literature review’. e.g. ‘The Depiction of Female Gender Roles in Radical Children’s Literature: a literature review.’
In the introduction, briefly explain the purpose of your focus of study, referring to the research questions devised for Assignment 1 (you may have revised the questions, following tutor feedback, so use the revised questions);
1. Refer to the research literature in your chosen topic/focus of study, and explain the major findings of each study.
2. Explore the theoretical models/frameworks that underpin the research discussed in the literature; EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
3. Discuss patterns of similarity and difference that emerge across the literature reviewed in your study.
4. Evaluate the extent to which the literature in your study answers your research questions.
5. Conclude the review by summarising the key findings and identifying any gaps in the literature studied, so far.

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