The body of the paper should include the following:
a. Introduction.
b. Discussion of your 2 identified research articles. One about skin -to -skin contact improving maternal bonding. The other about skin- to -skin improving breastfeeding rates or its effect on breastfeeding choice. The articles are within the past 5 years and are from nursing journals only. No medical journal will be accepted for this assignment
c. Integrate the information from the two articles with supporting information from the textbook (nursing textbook published in the last 5 years).
d. Discuss the implications of the research on the nurse’s role. For example, you may address any of the following, such as how does the research impact patient safety, communication, education, challenges, interventions and/or some aspect of nursing care. Consider the nursing process as well.
e. Discuss the impact on patient care, particularly how your research improves (patient care) patient outcomes.
f. Conclusion.
I’m attaching the grading rubric. I’m also attaching nursing articles.

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