Post your answers to the following questions:

1. What are the key skills you think are necessary for those playing third-sider roles? Why are those skills necessary for particular roles? (Citing this or past weeks’ readings or additional material will strengthen your answers.)

2. In a story mentioning Strategic Air Command in Omaha (actually Bellevue), Ury challenges the military officer acting as tour guide to think about how the U.S. President would communicate with the Russian President during a nuclear war (pp. 22-23). How do you think the attitudes toward communication by Defense Department and/or State Department – and other third siders – to those seen as adversaries may have changed since the 1980s? This is particularly timely with all that is going on within the Trump Administration. Please give example(s) to support your arguments from recent New York Times articles that you read as part of the required readings in our class.

3. Do you agree with Ury’s statement that “The inner third side instinctively values life and abhors violence” on page 21? Why or why not?

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