Student must make up and write about 10 different patients diagnosis/plan of care for patients on an oncology unit of a hospital.
Students must identify the client’s diagnosis and what the pathophysiology of the diagnosis is.
How does the client’s diagnosis impact the client’s everyday activities?
What medications is the client taking and what are the nursing implications of these medications?
Does the client require and diagnostic or surgical intervention? If so what is the procedure and how does it pertain to the client’s case.
Does the client have any abnormal laboratory results? If so what is the interpretation of these results?
In order for the client to be discharged home, are there any services that are needed, any equipment that may need to be ordered and what teaching must be completed prior to discharge.
Students are to also list their clinical learning objectives and to discuss their progress on these goals. Students should discuss these clinical learning objectives in relation to how they have managed the care of their patients.

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