Academic Report

Employability skills are very important at all workplaces, both for people looking for an employment opportunity and to the employers looking to recruit talented people. Within the last 10 years, essential employability skills have changed due to a changing economy and the advancement of emerging technologies.

Write a professional 2500 word report which critically analyses employability skills.

Include a discussion of the following;

  • Why are employability skills important?
  • Have employability skills changed in the last decade? If so, how?
  • Are the top 5 employability skills the same as a decade ago?
  • What has caused this change?
  • Does this mean that employability skills aren’t as important as they once were?
  • What employability skills does an employer expect to see (be sure to include the skills covered in lectures; Time Management, Digital competency, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience) in current employment?

Your report must be fully references using Harvard and must demonstrate a good understanding and use of paraphrasing.


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