For this portfolio, you will need to prepare a series of reflections, supported by well researched and considered artefacts. A Mahara template will be made available in Moodle.

Based upon your planned career and/or your course speciality:
1. Identify your speciality or planned career, reflecting on your goals and aspirations. In the absence of a planned career, throughout the ePortfolio, please use your degree speciality.
(my planned career is a software developer. the major of my course is computer hardware and software engineering )

2. Identify an appropriate number of global and UK employers with whom you could pursue your target career [LO2]. ( such as IBM, Microsoft, ELEKS)

3. Evaluate the (specialist and transferrable) skills required by these employers in your planed career [LO2].
4. Understand the UK job application process used by appropriate companies that you have identified [LO3].
5. Demonstrate appropriate preparation in relation to your target career [LO3].
6. Demonstrate an awareness of UK working culture and practice in relation to your planned career, in the context of UK employers you have identified [LO1].
7. Undertake a self-audit of the skills and personal competencies that you have identified [LO4.]
8. Critically reflect on these findings and prepare a personal development plan [LO4].

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