TOPIC : Examine the impact on long-haul aviation of international and European legal instruments focused on limiting climate change by reducing carbon emissions. To what extent are any developments in this area mirrored in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the United States? What are the implications for the long-haul sector?


Instructions: The Research Essay is quite a different assessment to the Exercise. You are expected to go into the topic in some depth and write a well-considered, well-structured essay.  I will assess you on the quality of your writing in English and your essay structure, as well as the content.

Style:  You will be used to using the APA style guide, but it does not lend itself to writing on legal topics, which is what you must do in this research essay.  For this research essay, you need to comply with the New Zealand Law Style Guide.  A link to that guide is provided on this page.  It is quite intuitive and has a rule for pretty much every citation.  If you get stuck, get in touch with me for help.



Assessment of your ability to research a selected topic in aviation law and write a coherent essay on that topic Learning outcome/s being assessed:

  • Explain the nature and structure of domestic legal systems in selected countries as they apply to aviation.
  • Explain the nature and structure of international aviation law.
  • Use research tools to determine the content of relevant aviation law.
  • Apply basic principles of international and domestic law to a selected aviation topic.
  • Use critical thinking on the legal and practical aspects of a selected aviation topic.

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