The Prompt: chose ONE of the following (whichever interests you most)

1) Choices made in a business environment do not occur in an instrumental vacuum. Our perceptions of business situations can be seen as “narratives” that we create to explicate our understanding of the world around us. The paper, Moral Imagination and Management Decision Making, shows how this narrative is not static. How does moral imagination shape and humanize this narrative?


2) From the No Country for Old Men movie clip, Anton Chigurh made a number of revealing statements. In what ways, does Chigurh cause the store owner harm? In what way does Chigurh seem amoral? In what way does Chigurh demonstrate morality? Explain from an ethics perspective what he may be inferring when:

To the store proprietor, Chigurh states

You are a bit deaf, aren’t you?
You don’t know what you are talking about, do you?
You have been putting it up your whole life, you just didn’t know it.

In the coin toss Chigurh states

You married into it?
You stand to win everything, call it.
You need to call it. I can’t call it for you, it wouldn’t be fair.


How does the quote from Dirty Hands relate to ethical decision-making?
Please do not include the header in the 500 word minimum.

Please include some of the key words:
*Framework for ethical decision-making
*moral awareness
*moral intent
*moral action
*human vulnerability
*physical harm
*emotional harm
*psychological harm
*financial harm
*reputational harm
*justifying harm
*ethical dilemma vs a defining moment
*moral imagination
*dirty hands

Be sure to specifically refer to assigned materials to support and elucidate your answer.

professor says: It is not enough to simply assert your moral beliefs; you must give reasons in support of your answer.

You must use some of the provide document/videos (whatever you find interesting) and something from elsewhere.

The document are attached here are the videos that come from the assigned material:

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