Dave and his girlfriend Ally are sitting together in Dave’s room at a desk strewn with textbooks and notepaper. She appears to be fixated on her phone while he’s frantically flipping through the pages of a book and scribbling down notes.

Exhausted, he finally closes the book and looks at Ally with a firm expression on his face. He asks her directly how she’s going to finish her paper since he’s doing all the work for her. He complains that he’s got his own papers to finish, and midterms to study for. In a firm but gentle voice, he says that he needs her to go home so he can get back to his own work.

She immediately breaks into tears, pleading for him to finish her paper. He says, “I can’t, right now” and tries to calm her but she tearfully exclaims:

“You don’t care about whether or not I fail. All you care about is yourself…I can’t believe this!” And continues to cry.

At this moment, Dave’s sister Jessica passes by his room and hears Ally’s crying. She barges into the room, eyes flashing:

Jessica: Dave! What did you say to her! God, you’re such a jerk, Ally, sweetie, what happened?

Dave: WHAT! Jessica! You have no idea what’s going on here. This is none of your damned business. Get out!

Jessica: Oh, and just let you treat your girlfriend like crap! This is just like the last one. She ended up in tears, too.

Ally: (Wails) He’s wants me to fail my paper!

Jessica: (Angry) Guys…they’ll do it to you every time!

Dave: (Turns to Ally) Stop, saying that. (And to his sister) You’re completely wrong about this.

Jessica: (Heavily sarcastic) Really, Mr. Wonderful?? Look at this mess. Why don’t you just treat her better?

Dave: (Loud, sarcastic) Oh you’re one to talk, like you’re some kind of angel. Wasn’t it just a couple of months ago that Gregg left you because he couldn’t stand your moody outbursts? Oh no sorry, that was Jeff. Gregg disappeared because you never wanted to go out with his friends. Right, you’re just the freakin’ queen of relationships aren’t you!

Jessica: (Rising volume) Yeah? Well at least, I didn’t make them cry, you a-h#le!

Dave replies with a curse and their talk descends into yelling at each other while Ally whimpers.

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