Research Paper:  (100 points):  (minimum: 5 pages and 5 references) : 12 font, double spaced, page numbers, name, class, date and title of paper


Research paper grading policy:

Methodology…………………20 points

Research and citations……10 points

Following Directions ………10 points

Clarity and Content…………60 points

The paper will be at least 5 pages not do not count the bibliography, reference pag eand 5 references (wikipedia cannot be used as one of the 5 references, but can be used for a jumping point and to obtain information and if so must be cited).  Citations need an author and a year of publication.

Refrain from dictionaries and encyclopedias. The library on campus has a database of journals that have contemporary scientific articles that are most accurate and relevant.  Your textbook can be used for one reference.  Again, at least 5 of the references need and author and a year of publication. See the library for our online Journal Database

Please do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias for references or sources

Research and address each of these questions and requests  :

  • What is Physical (Biological) Anthropology
  • Write about 4 of the subfields of physical anthropology
  • Write about 2 pre-Homo hominins and 2 Homo hominins (before 200,000 years ago; Not Modern Humans); Time and the area the fossils were found, physical description, diet
  • Explain how natural selection is related to environmental factors by using an example that identifies key processes of natural selection and illustrates how selective pressures can change
  • How do you think the knowledge gained from Biological/Physical Anthropology could affect global worldview as this information is applied in the world around us.


Follow the guidelines listed below :

Introduction/methodology: Start the paper explaining where you found, why you picked and how you will use the source to answer the assignment questions (this is your methodology).


Body:  use your references to answer the questions asked for this assignment, as completely as possible .  Reference your sources by citing them when you use the information, whether a direct quote or a paraphrase.   (author, year)


Conclusion:  Tell what you discovered doing your research and go into some detail about your feelings on the subject ie… its implications, its applications, value and validity.  This demonstrates your personal understanding of the material.  This is different than the final question about how physical anthropology can effect world view, so approach any similarity from another perspective.


References need and author and a year of publication.  For the in text citations, use the authors last name and year of publication = (Smith, 2007).

Bibliography cite as follows:

Books:  Author, Title, Publisher and, Date

Internet (must have author and date): Author Title, URL, Date

Magazines and Journals: Author, Title, Magazine or Journal title, vol., page, Date

Films: Director, Title, production Company, year of release

Example: Smith, John, Why is There Air?, Thomson Wadsworth, 2007

No Wikipedia, Dictionary or Encyclopedia sources… all sources need an Author and year of publication


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