Analyze and re-work your project to make sure you meet the requirement of grading criteria.


Our vision can be seen as a product of the intersection of two systems: one that is culturally based and has an outward direction and other that is physically based and is directed towards us from the object. The projection outward is what we comprehend and is achieved through the mediation of culture. The reception is what we apprehend and is our un-mediated experience. The first one we call normal vision, the second we call bracketed vision.

Part I:

Distort normal vision. Using photography, make a visual pun by purposely making a false visual grouping, a visual blooper. You can work in groups of 2, but each member of the group should post a different photo – with the same visual blooper, in their individual blog.

Explain how did you distort normal vision: Briefly describe how your photo or image distorts normal vision and how you achieved the “false image”. In your written description provide a plan or section diagram that explains the disposition of components in space that leads to the “false image”. Finally explain how the image you created is “believable” using the laws of Gestalt psychology to explain how our vision is led to the predisposition to view the image in the manner you intended. [2 pages]

Part II:

Explain bracketed vision. Use the Rene Magritte painting The Treachery of Images (provided below) to explain how sign systems operate. In your description be sure to define the constituent parts of a sign system as well as how these parts interact to build a coherent system of meaning. (2 pages)


1)  Define the sign system: what is the Sign, Signified, Signifer?

2)  What is the difference between Bracketed and Normal Vision?

3)  How do these concepts apply to the painting?

SIGNIFIER: apprehension information input

SIGNIFIED: comprehension meaning output


The assignment will be graded according to the following criteria and points.
Please note that these are maximum scores, based on outstanding execution of the assignment.

Normal Vision Distortion
_ Is normal vision really distorted? 25
_ Does the diagram clearly explain the idea of the distortion? 10
_ Is the written explanation of the distortion clear? 15
Bracketed Vision
_ Are the constituents of a sign system clearly defined? 20
_ Are the constituents of a sign systems clearly identified in the painting? 20
_ Was the assignment uploaded before the due date and time? 5
_ Did the student participate in workshop sessions for the duration of the exercise? 5
Total 100


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