The essay mainly talks about Conflict, you did not address below comments. Please discuss the below comments and also reduce the wordcount because it has exceeded the required wordcount of 1800.

  1. Present key theory/concepts: 3 perspectives to understand doctor-patient relationship (consensus, conflict, negotiation) [refer to Gabe, Bury, Elston, 2013.]. Concepts: adherence, non-adherence and concordance [Horne et al ,2005]
  2. Develop non-adherence and concordance further: Explain intentional and unintentional non-adherence to medication-taking. Explain the challenges in achieving concordance.
  3. Provide an example of a particular disease where adherence to medication is not good (use journal articles). Present some data/stats. [E.g. non-adherence with diabetes medication is 50%]. Identify factors for non-adherence for your chosen disease, and reflect on the concepts presented before (section b): which factors are intentional/non-intentional?; to which extent is concordance achievable?
  4. Conclusion: answer the question in relation to your chosen disease: summarize key aspects analyzed.

What is the significance of the topic?

What are the implications for policies/ interventions, or need for services?

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