Grading criteria: Headline, Summary, Experience, Statement about principles followed in profile, Advantages of social media networking, Mechanics

Create your own professional online profile, suitable for LinkedIn. Limit your profile to only three of the areas discussed by Zhang: headline, summary, and experience. Follow the advice of Zhang and or other sources for each.
In a separate document of up to 300 words, explain the principles you followed in creating your profile and discuss the advantages of social media networking through a professional profile like the one you have created.
Your profile and the separate document should be concise and clearly written, with a tone appropriate for a professional setting. Before submitting, read over your profile to be sure the writing is clear, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Submit both documents through the Written Assignment 5 link.

Your assignment will automatically be submitted through SafeAssign. [MO 5.1, MO 5.3]

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