The workplace setting is a primary school in a deprived area with predominantly children for ethnic minority backgrounds. (do not mention the school name in the paper)

The area the essay has to focus on is attendance policy.

Below are some guidelines for the paper
– Introduction to essay, the area chosen, i.e attendance policy. The setting, RC primary school, deprived area, low attendance, mostly ethnic minorities.
– what is the history behind attendance policy, e.g Elementary Education Act 1880, how this has changed since then to current policies
– why the policy is being used?
– outline of current policy, in the setting and nationally.
– what political influence does the policy have? can you see them and the political ideology used?
– what theoretical approaches can be drawn from the policies creation.
– who does it impact? e.g sector, setting, staff, children, parents and families. Macro, Micro view
– is or isn’t the the schools individual attendance policy affective. what are the factors affecting attendance in the setting, e.g socio economic.
– what is the impact on children, staff, schools etc.
– what are the measures used? use of school trips, rewards, family support worker, assemblies, displays.
– are there any stats? use Lancashire Council Council Education authority website for data on attendance.
– news regarding attendance in schools, e.g law prosecuting parents for poor attendance. fines for parents.
– make recommendations using political, professional or theoretical influence. can use local, national or international perspective. Could talk about implementation and use of the policy, policy developments, training, awareness raising.
– talk about pros and cons of the policy.

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