For this assignment you will be using Hamlet Acts One and Two in both the textual and the video versions of the play. The assignment is divided into two parts, one of which require written work and the second of which requires a dramatic recording. Read each part thoroughly to make sure you understand completely how to organize and present your assignment.


Part 1
Select one significant character other than Hamlet and write a journal/diary entry for that character that gives details of his/her perspective of the events of Acts One and Two. To give your journal/diary entries authenticity, you need to write in the first-person point of view. Also, you must provide specific details of actual events from the play to which your character is referring. Your goal is to show your understanding of the character and your understanding of the events of Acts 1 and 2.
Part 2
In this part, you must take your journal/diary entry in Part 1 of this assignment and make a dramatic recording of it. The goal of this part of the project is to bring to life the personality and voice of the character. Step One: Play around with the voice and the personality you want to develop. Step Two: Practice the kind of voice you want to use for the character. Then, using your best interpretation of the character and your best imitation of voice, record a reading of your journal entry. Your aim is to pretend to be the speaker and to present the best reading you can. Remember that you are to find and perform the drama and emotion behind the words, so play with your voice and make the reading come alive. Your written work will be marked on the six-point scale for responding to literature offered in your course package. Review the scale and strive to write a high-level response.

You can upload an audio file.


Part 1
Each journal/diary entry will be worth 6 marks for content:

· Give a title to each journal entry so that your teacher knows whose point of view you are describing.

· You should write each character’s journal/diary entry in the first-person point of view. Your entries will show that you understand your characters, according to the information you’ve gained from reading the text and watching the video.

· Your entries will make specific references to details and events in Acts One and Two to show that you not only understand your characters but also the ways they are affected by the events in each act.

Total Marks: 12

Part 2
Your presentation will be marked according to the following scale. You will be awarded marks according to the quality of your spoken presentation and the effectiveness of your interpretation of the character’s perspective of Act One.

The Recording

Convincingly portrays the speaker’s personality
Effectiveness of your interpretation of the character’s perspective of Act One



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