511 Week 07 Overview – Instructional Design: Essential Questions and Planning for Learning.
Writer, this week assignment is part of the Cognitive Recall Assignments series. This assignment is based on this week (and previous week) required readings. All the readings have been uploaded. I hope you have kept the uploaded files (readings) from the previous weeks. The following weeks’ assignments and discussions may go back to those readings. Please cite/reference the required readings in addition to other references that you find will be appropriated for this assignment. Please use APA style and check whether they are cited correctly. Thanks.
Week 07 Assignment 01: Cognitive Recall Assignment: Cognitive Science

Value: 100 points
Grading Category: Cognitive Recall Assignments, 25%
Assignment Context
Actively recalling information is one of the best ways to make learning stick because it helps us take information from our working memory and embed it in our long-term memory. For this reason, we’ll reflect on each of the major learning theories we read about in Learner-Centered Pedagogy the week after we read and discuss them.
For this assignment, you should write a one-to-two page response in a Word document addressing the following questions:
1. What are some of the cognitive challenges that students face when learning information literacy skills? What are some ways you can address them in your practice?
2. How can an understanding of the cognitive science of learning improve librarians instructional design practices in and out of the classroom? What’s one takeaway for your own teaching?
3. What are some evidence-based practical strategies librarians can take from the cognitive science of learning to better organize their instruction to help make information literacy learning stick? Choose one to discuss more in depth.

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