Topic: Advancing an Agenda in Congress: Imagine you are hired by a firm, group, business, or not-for-profit organization to help advance a policy issue. Based upon your knowledge of this policy area, as well as the legislative process, how to access members of Congress, and the current political landscape in Congress, how can you help your firm advance their agenda and gain the attention of Congress? What are some tactics that you can employ to advance your interests? What is the likelihood of being able to enact your agenda, given the political constraints in the current Congress? Write an accurate and sober analysis for your employer that demonstrates your advanced knowledge of this policy area, the legislative process in Congress, and the current political landscape on Capitol Hill. Be sure to explicitly state who you are working for and what interests you will be seeking to advance. You must also discuss existing federal policy related to this issue and how specifically you would like this changed
Agenda: I am working for the World Health Organization to advance an agenda in Congress concerning obesity and disability. I want to show how current policy has failed to improve welfare of people who are discriminated against due to their condition.

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