While you submitted a search term list back in Week 1, your understanding of your topic should have deepened quite a bit since then. You have formed a position and consulted experts in the field. As you finalize your argument, think about new questions or additional information you still want to research on your topic. Use those new ideas to develop additional guiding terms through a second search terms list.

Create a search terms list using the method explained in the video and the completed example below. Your list will include:

15-20 words and phrases that you will use to help you find the source for your second paper.
At least 3 URLs of sources you found during your web search that you might use in your paper.
A 5-8 sentence reflective paragraph describing how your search for sources went. Answer these questions in your reflection:
Was this search easy or hard? Why?
Which terms produced great articles and websites? Which did not?
How did you combine your words to get new results? Which combinations were productive, and which weren’t?
While reading articles produced by your search, were you able to add any more keywords and terms to your search list? Which ones?
What did you learn about search terms lists and online research from this activity? Be detailed and specific in your narration of and reflection on your search.

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