The Ideal Healthcare System

The final paper will be a non-traditional synthesis of the information that has been covered in this course. This paper should be between 8-10 pages long. In this paper, students are asked to explore what the ideal healthcare system would look like and support why the student feels this is the way to administer healthcare in this country. Students should explore topics like whether in the proposed system, patients would have a right to privacy, would the proposed system includes HIPAA, or something else entirely different.

Does the system include EMTALA?

How does the system combat fraud, waste, and abuse? What about informed consent? What system would the student use when patients were harmed by healthcare providers?

How is the system regulated? While the student does not have to tackle every aspect of healthcare covered this semester, they need to provide a framework for how the ideal healthcare system would function. The paper should prove that the student has an understanding of what is needed for a functioning healthcare system in this country.

Key Areas to Address

Payor-Who pays and how?
Malpractice, i.e. who pays when a patient is harmed?
End of Life Decision Making-Who gets to decide?

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