Intro Info

  • Green tea has been used for over 2000 years in Asia and India to promote good health.
  • Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage globally above coffee, soda and water. The benefits of Green Tea in Oral Health care are starting to make headlines for their preventative ingredients but how fluid is the research surrounding this topic? In order to answer this question, researchers studied the properties of green tea. This paper looks into the proposed effects of green tea as it relates to Oral Health. Is there substantial evidence to deem it beneficial or is there still research that needs to be done?

The chemistry of Green tea and the properties that can be deemed beneficial to oral health:

  • Camillia sinesis plant
  • How Green tea is processed
  • EGCG and catechins in green tea


The popularity of Tea and Green teas Asian roots.

The proposed benefits of Green Tea in Oral Health.

  • Oral Cancer and Oral Disease
  • Preventative against periodontal disease
  • Halitosis
  • Cavities

Outlying Factors

  • Lifestyle of patients that have been researched. Smokers, obesity, diabetes, overall oral hygiene?
  • Heated Tea vs Cold tea and how hot to get max benefits
  • How frequently does one drink tea, can they take a green tea supplement and get the same benefits.
  • How are they drinking their tea? Sugar, milk, plastic cup, porcelain cup?


While there seems to be research surrounding the benefits of Green Tea as it relates to Oral health there seems to be a lack of specific information regarding frequency of use and how it effects the population who is not in expert health.

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