PHL356 Work and the Good Life Semester 2 2019 Marking Guidelines for POLICY PROPOSAL REPORT.

In the Policy Proposal Report assignment, your task is to summarize and assess a major practical proposal that addresses some of the main challenges facing the future of work. The 2 proposals we’ll be looking at in Part 2 of the unit are 1) the introduction of an Unconditional Basic Income and 2) a Four-day working week. In your assignment you will analyze the case for one of these proposals as presented in a major policy proposal document.

You may use the Policy Proposal Report template on the unit iLearn site to prepare your assignment. The template shows you how to structure the report and it indicates the credit that will be given for each part. The required sections and how they will be assessed are summarised below.

Follow the usual instructions when submitting via the Turnitin link.

Section Questions to answer
Number of Words
Credit Assessment Criteria
Summary What is the proposal?
200 10% Clarity and accuracy
Background and significance
Why is the policy being proposed? What issues is it meant to address? What is the context?
300 10% Clarity and accuracy; understanding of the context; relevance
Rationale for the proposal
What are main reasons given in favour of the proposal
400 20% Clarity and accuracy; understanding of the issues; relevance
Assessment of the rationale
How good are the reasons given in favour of the proposal? What disadvantages might the proposal have?
400 25% Relevance; originality and independence of thought in assessing the reasons and suggesting improvements
Ethical justification
Is the proposal justified from an ethical point of view?
400 25% Understanding of ethical issues
Recommendation Would you recommend implementing the policy? How might it be improved?
300 10% Fairness of judgement; consistency; originality in suggesting improvements

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