QUESTION: How many boxes of cereal do you think a grocery store purchased a month.

For this project, you will perform a statistical survey. Choose a topic of your choice, although be sure that it does produce quantitative data (numeric with more than a couple of options). A formal report, including a cover page, does need be typed and submitted, although graphs may be done by hand if desired.
You should ask a relevant question to 25 people minimum. You will also need to include your raw data and scratch work for your computations, and remember, this question needs to be of numerical relevance, and not an example done in the book or homework or class.
The report will be graded on neatness, grammar, and spelling, in addition to mathematical correctness, and should include a cover page with your name, data, and the question that you asked. Remember, I do not need to agree with your conclusions; just be able to support them mathematically.
What needs to be included? The first paragraph/section needs to detail your survey, and method. What is the population? How did you choose a sample (by what method)? Where and when did you conduct your survey? How many people are in your sample versus in the population you are trying to represent? What was the exact question you asked?(Question how many boxes of cereal do you think a grocery store purchases a month?) What is your expected conclusion for that question? (Expected conclusion is 1100). Do you feel your sample is representative of your population (why or why not)? Please be sure to be detailed and specific.
The second paragraph involves the organization of your data. Include an ordered list of all your raw data, from smallest to largest. Do you have any outliers, and if so, how are you going to handle them? Make a frequency distribution using 5 classes; be sure to include how you determined class size. Draw a frequency histogram and a pie chart, with appropriate labels. (Hint: There will be only 5 bars in the histogram, and only 5 pieces in your pie chart). Is the data skewed? Find the mean and median. Provide the 5 number summary for your data. Draw a boxplot with labels also. For extra credit, you can also provide the standard deviation (ALL work must be shown for the credit).
The last paragraph needs to detail your findings and conclusions. What can be determined from your data? Do your findings agree or disagree with your predicted outcome? Was there any potential sources of bias in your survey (hint – there always is), and is there any way the bias could have been avoided? Do you feel confident that your sample is really representative of your population (why or why not)?

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