Answer the five short-answer questions on the response to the following paper (Assignment_1_Bentall_1992_Happiness_as_a_psychiatric_category.pdf)

Answers to each question should be no more than 400 words in length. Please avoid repetition in their answers to different questions. The questions to be followed are:
1. What is the paper trying to achieve and why?
2. In what ways does the paper subvert the normative practices of academic writing in psychology?
3. Given the paper was published in a peer-reviewed psychiatric journal, how might you expect it to be received by the psychiatric and/or psychological profession?
4. What implications might the form and content of the paper have for the study and development of a genuinely ‘critical’ psychology in universities?
5. How do you feel/react when reading the paper and completing this assignment, and how might you account for this?

I have included the assessment brief, marking rubric for the assignment for your consideration.

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