Dissertation is MSC level 7
It should be 12000 words dissertation + 3000 words report for it

The report submitted as part of your assessment should be no more than 3,000 words in length and should be submitted as an appendix to the work based dissertation.

The report should be written as if it is to be submitted for clinical governance within your Trust.

Your supervisor(s) will help you develop your ideas as it is not easy to turn a work based dissertation into a project report and therefore your supervisors help at this stage is important – please keep this in mind when planning your contact time. One of the commonest errors students make is trying to condense a whole dissertation into a single report by “cutting and pasting” from the dissertation however the purpose of the dissertation and the report are not the same and this rarely results in a successful piece of work.

A project report is different from a dissertation in terms of • length and amount of detail required • depth of methodological discussion required • language and style • audience and therefore points of interest within dissertation (patient outcomes, economic evaluation)

While it is impossible to provide a project report structure to follow, the best advice for novice writers is to:

1. Identify and categorise the main points of interest (patient outcomes, economic evaluation)

2. Identify the results that your study found that support these points of interest;

3. Identify the conclusions you will make from your findings and then plan the report “story” so that the reader is led naturally to these conclusions as they read the report from background through method, results and discussion. You may use aspects of your dissertation within your report but DO NOT cut and paste sections as the purpose for writing a given section in the dissertation and purpose within the report are rarely identical.

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