Reflect: Think about your past, present, and future financial situation. Consider how each decision you make today will affect your financial future. These daily decisions can affect your finances and ultimate freedom to make decisions in the future positively or negatively, such as your ability to buy a home or to purchase a new vehicle. Over the past five weeks, you have learned the significance of using digital tools to support your needs and goals as a responsible digital citizen. Digital tools can also help you achieve and maintain financial freedom in your personal, academic, and professional life.

Option 2:

Consider the following scenario:
Your good friend Kyle would like to go back to school to complete a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education so that he can fulfill his dreams of teaching 2nd grade. Years ago, he started college, but work and life responsibilities got in the way of him finishing. He knows that you recently enrolled at Ashford University and wants to ask your advice as he plans his next move. In order to help pay for his tuition, he plans to borrow student loans. Kyle tells you that he wants to borrow the maximum amount of available loan money to buy his kids new shoes and go on a vacation to Hawaii.

Based on the scenario above, address each of the following:
Identify at least two pieces of useful information about student loans that Kyle should know to ensure he borrows responsibly. Review the Student Aid (Links to an external site.) website for suggestions.
Describe a potential repercussion of borrowing the maximum amount of available loan money.
From Module 10.1 Strategies for Success: Tips for Saving of your course textbook, select one tip that you would suggest for Kyle to use to help him reach his financial goal of going on a vacation to Hawaii.
Your post should be at least 275 words.

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