Assessment 2 – Barriers to knowledge use
Assessment Type Presentation
Description In assessment one you blogged about a knowledge policy/practice gap you identified in your
local practice setting. In this assessment you will identify the types of barriers that are contributing to the gap and present it to your peers in an info-graphic.
An info-graphic (information graphic) is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make data easily understandable at a glance. People use info-graphics to quickly communicate a message, to simplify the presentation of large amounts of data, and to represent patterns and relationships.
Resources on how to create an info-graphic can be found on Blackboard via Assessment>Help with Assessments>Designing an Info-graphic.
Your info-graphic should provide the reader with the following type of information:
• What is the knowledge policy/practice gap you identified?
• How do we know the gap exists?
• How extensive is the difference between current practice and recommended practice?
• What is the significance of the gap to patients, the facility, and/or the health service?
• What are the barriers and facilitators to knowledge uptake?
Save your info-graphic as a PDF document and attach it to a post in the assessment two discussion board. You must create a thread and add your post before you can view other students info graphics in the forum. You can’t edit or delete your work once it has been saved so please use the ‘save draft’ feature until you are ready to publish your info-graphic. Please feel free to leave comments on your fellow students posts.
Weighting 30%
Word limit N/A
Attempt / Submission Requirement – Students must attempt/submit this assessment item to
pass the course..
Due Date 1st November
Submission Method Online via Blackboard.
Assessment Criteria See rubric.
Return Method Online via Blackboard.
Feedback Provided Feedback will be provided online within two weeks of submission.
Opportunity to
Students WILL NOT be given the opportunity to reattempt this assessment.
First attempt is final.

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